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Workout That Give Maximum Results In Minimum Time

The 7 minute Workout Routine

Workouts are tough works, not just because you have to put your body through a whole lot physically, but also because of the constant pressure of following a schedule every single day. Not all of us have the time nor the energy to go through with long routines that we are eventually going to give up on. So for all the tough working men and women out there here is a schedule that is precise, easy and won’t take much of your time, 7 minutes to be exact. Some studies have shown that small workouts, that are short bursts of intense exercises, are actually very effective in increasing a person’s metabolism and his overall performance. Here are your exercises for the day, that you’ll need to complete for the day, I have shown how you’ll go through them exactly. For upper body get a pair of leather boxing gloves and start throwing punches to get yourself pumped in no time.

Workout That Give Maximum Results In Minimum Time

Jumping Jacks – 1 Minute:

Jumping jacks are a great form of exercise, not only because they’ll burn an immense amount of calories for you, but also because you can literally do them anywhere anytime. Jumping jacks are really easy, you’ll just have to jump up and clap your hands above your head, that’s it. I didn’t really need to teach you that because I know you’ve been through preschool, but whatever. For this routine I suggest you do about 50-60 jumping jacks per set, well you only have one set overall but if you’re looking to go overboard, it’s up to you. These 50 reps are going to take you a maximum of 1 minute, I’m exaggerating still but let’s just go with that.

Push Ups – 1 Minute:

Push are simple, not easy and really effective. Why I say that they aren’t easy is because for beginners, upper body workouts can turn out to be quite the challenge, therefore I’ll classify push-ups as hard. Push-ups can be done by getting into a planking position with your back and legs completely stretched behind you. Your body, from your shoulders to your feet should be completely straightened. After you’re in this position, bend your arms down and get back up again, there you go, you just did a push-up. I’ll need you to do about 25 of these push and if you’ll do them the right way it could take you a minute or slightly more than that.

Take a minute’s Break, you’ll need it for what’s coming.

Burpees – 3-4 Minute:

Burpees are going to be your partner in crime if you want to get fit, fast. Burpees are most probably the toughest exercise on this workout list. They’re really difficult to do, I’ll admit that but boy are they effective. If you’re just starting out I suggest you start with around 10 of them, but in the workout I’ve gone up to a total number of 25, hence the time. This exercise will take some getting used to because even though you’ll get through the first 3 with ease, the latter are the will keep you engaged for a longer amount of time. I’ll also suggest that you get one of your best tracksuits out because believe me you’re going to be moving a lot in this one. Let’s see how you’ll get through the exercise, stand first with your feet apart, with your arms at your sides. Then push your hips to the back, and get into a squat position. Balance your entire body weight through your hands when you put them on the floor ahead of you. After this I want you to get into a plank position, with your body completely straight, from head to toe. This is so that your core and shoulders have the maximum possible pressure exerted on them. From the planking position land outside your feet by jumping your hand. Raise your arms and jump back up to the position you started with. The first burpee is complete, and you want to complete the total number of reps from here on. Try throwing some punches as well, buy a punching bag and get on with it.

Burpees was your final exercise and you couldn’t have ended the workout any better than this.

Remember you can always add more similar, smaller and easy exercise to this workout any time you want, like lunges, squats, pull-ups and many others. This exercise will get you the workout you need for the day.

Author: Anna Richards

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