Diet Supplements For Bodybuilding

Diet Supplements For Bodybuilding
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Diet Supplements For Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding supplements help the muscles to grow fast, they improve the immune-response levels and they help to gain weight. These supplements are generally quite expensive. But their cheaper varieties are available in the market. Whey, isolate, casein, and soy proteins, mass gainers, and protein blends and bars are some of the products now being marketed across the country by many companies.

Some of them market cheap bodybuilding supplements.

Whey protein

Whey protein is obtained in milk. It can also be a by-product of cheese production. It has nine amino acids and low lactose content. Whey protein helps develop muscle mass, muscle recovery and weight loss. It is available as a concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate.

Faster muscle growth

Body makes its own whey protein but more is required. This must come from amino acids in dietary supplements. Body digests whey protein easily. The muscle growth and recovery are quick if the body absorbs whey protein quickly. Whey protein curbs hunger by creating the impression that the stomach is full. Its fat content is low. So, it is helpful in process of losing weight.

Extra whey protein promotes physical activity and leads to a better immune system as the glutathione levels, which affect the immune system adversely, come down.

Gaining weight

Weight gainers provide whey protein, carbs and fats and can be consumed at anytime or instead of the meal. They comprise oat flour, oat powder and maltodextrin. They take long to digest. Post-workout, waxy maize, dextrose or maltodextrin are preferable as they affect insulin levels and replenishment of glycogen. Good weight gainers do not lead to pain or gas formation.

Protein blends

Multi-protein blends are made of whey, milk, egg white or soy. Some proteins digest faster and some slower. While whey protein builds muscle, slow-digesting casein prevents muscle breakdown. Egg white has amino acid effects. Soy reduces the possibility of heart diseases.

Slow action

Casein releases into the bloodstream a slow and steady flow of amino acids. A glass of casein-rich milk before bed helps to build the muscles through the night. Soy protein is used in foods because of its emulsification and texturizing properties. Soy protein has many health benefits. It is helpful in preventing heart problems too.

Isolate protein is whey protein filtered to remove lactose and ash. It has over 90 percent protein and 0.5 percent of lactose and milk fat.

Diet Supplements For Bodybuilding

Let an expert be the guide

It is, generally, believed that average persons get enough of proteins and vitamins through the regular diet and there is no need of any extra protein intake. But specialists like athletes and heavy duty workers do need more proteins and the supplements could be useful to them. But the amounts of proteins and vitamins required by a body differ significantly from person to person. And so does the protein required by them. It is very difficult to arrive at the right dose for any person and its periodicity. It has been found that there are many cases of an adverse impact of such supplements on the regular users.

So, it is always better to be more than cautious on use of such dietary supplements, cheap or expensive. The best way is to take such supplements under the supervision of an expert in the field.

Author: Nikhil Singh – The author is a freelancer, writing about sports, food, and online shopping. He has been writing edifying articles for

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