Jay Cutler Talks About Steroids and Work Ethic

Jay Cutler Talks About Steroids and Work Ethic
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Jay Cutler, 4 time Mr. Olympia visited ‘The Power Project Podcast’ in June of this year. On the show, he spoke about how the importance of mindset for becoming a bodybuilding champion as well as steroid usage.

Jay Cutler is the prime example when it comes to knowledge and passion for bodybuilding,

Cutler is not only a successful bodybuilder himself. He is also one of the more well-respected athletes and businessmen of the industry.

In addition, he both owns a supplement company Cutler Nutrition and holds NPC shows in Las Vegas every year.

Cutler is also one of those bodybuilders who has managed to stay on top of the game – with a huge global fan base – even after he retired.

In the featured video, Cutler joined the podcast The Power Project where he spoke about the importance of the right mindset to become a successful bodybuilder. He also shared some critique in regards to contemporary steroid usage. But also how important gear is for the game of bodybuilding and what impact it has had on his own career.

Cutler’s career highlights:

2002 Arnold Classic 1st

2003 Arnold Classic 1st

2004 Arnold Classic 1st

2006 Mr. Olympia – 1st

2007 Mr. Olympia – 1st

2009 Mr. Olympia – 1st

2010 Mr. Olympia – 1st

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