Dexter Jackson Makes His 17th Olympia Contest in September

Dexter Jackson Makes His 17th Olympia Contest in September
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Dexter Jackson, aka “The Blade” – 48-years-of-age is currently 4 weeks out from the Olympia. In addition, Dexter recently released a leg workout video with Mr. Psycho Fitness, Christopher Lewis of Gold’s Gym.
Dexter Jackson

Dexter won Mr. Olympia in 2009 and has been in the top 5 during the last decade. In addition, he has always said that there are still possibilities for him to win another Sandow.

More than being a Mr. Olympia winner Dexter has won multiple Arnold Classic titles, both in the US and internationally.

Dexter has been successful as a pro for decades and has been around the sport of bodybuilding for a long time. In fact, he made his amateur debut as a lightweight in 1992 at the NPC Southern States where he finished 3rd. Additionally, it is hard to see any aging the 48-year-old’s physique.

Dexter makes his 17th Olympia contest in September, and as far as now, there are no dates or years set out for retirement.

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