Women Bodybuilding: The Hidden Secrets

Women Bodybuilding: The Hidden Secrets
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Women Bodybuilding: The Hidden Secrets

A strong muscular body is not only a matter of pride, but of responsibility too – responsibility towards your own well being and also the people who look up to you. Having said that – the fact is that building bigger muscles is not an easy job, it requires years of dedication and a lifestyle, not easy to follow. When a woman tries her hand at it, she must consider a number of things before taking the final plunge.

Their body is different from men and so the requirements and goals should also be different. Fortunately, there are some secrets which culminate into results, when followed diligently.


Training though, is not a secret, but the right way truly is. Training with the right weights is important and so is focus on each muscle. An important thing women must remember is that their body is different from a man’s and this is responsible for a number of things including muscle building. A plan should be made keeping in mind one’s physical strength and activity. Since building a body cannot be accomplished in a day so they should not push themselves beyond where they feel unsafe. Accessory lifts, compound lifts and cardio regime hold the secret. Increase the weight and split workout focusing on one part in a day.

But this secret has a flip side too. You may feel bored. So, how do you beat this boredom?

  • Indulge in Extra activity outside the gym.

Extra activities to burn calories outside the gym is good. Women have a tendency to put on weight around their belly, which makes it difficult to get lean muscles. Playing basketball, football or any other such game can help remain interested in your goal and at the same time burn extra calories.


You know that you need to pay attention to nutrition. But it is important to fuel your body with the right nutrients to grow your muscles. Nutrition should be planned according to the body size and requirements.

  • The Macronutrient “P”.

“P” stands for protein. Protein helps in developing muscles and transforming your body. Some form of protein should always accompany your meals. Vigorous workout and training programs can cause stress and damage, this can be repaired only by amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. How much protein a woman should consume is based on her physical strength and BMI. Good sources of protein are eggs, lean meat, nuts, beans, soy and milk.

Portion Control

It is a technique used to keep track of portion sizes and the amount of calories, protein and fat in the meal you are eating. This daily food record-keeping technique has long term benefits. Now this is how you do it:

  • To determine protein intake – use your palm.
  • To determine fat intake – use your thumb.
  • To determine vegetables – use of balled fist.
  • To determine carbs – use your cupped hand.

Keeping track of your calorie intake will help you to stay fit and healthy and build muscles faster.

Curb Nutritional Deficiencies

It is seen women have nutrient deficiencies like iron, vitamin B12 and folate. Well, there are some basic things that every aspiring woman bodybuilder should take, no matter how fit she feels she is. These include: multivitamins and fish oil. A basic multivitamin is a complete source of nutrients that your body needs. Fish oil has a positive effect lowering the risk of various cancers and other diseases and along with it provides better health. A stronger immune system will help women spend more time on training.

Record The Progress

There is no denial that mother nature has endowed both men and women differently. Gaining desired fitness level requires a diverse way for women. When you are following a training program, your body is bound to change over time. One can only consider a program successful, if there is some progress. It is a well kept secret we tend to ignore.

Advanced Supplements

Some supplements are available such as branched chain amino acids, probiotics and vitamin D which can help a woman stay healthy, active and achieve bodybuilding goals. Consuming branched chain amino acids before the workout can increase protein uptake and improve post-workout recovery. It is also a low calorie and low carb option. Adding 5gm of BCCA will help in less muscle breakdown and also support muscle recovery and repair. Probiotic supplements help your body absorb nutrients much more effectively. If, you spend most of the time in the gym, then your body needs vitamin-D supplements. Deficiency of vitamin – D hampers athletic performance, affects overall health and above all muscle recovery. It’s important to incorporate supplements to your diet and the best bodybuilding supplements for women are reliable. you will experience positive results in a few days.

Now that you know the secrets, follow them and do share your results with us.

Author Bio:
Jorge Gonzales is an ardent blogger, sports lover and a fitness enthusiast. Who believes in healthy living and loves sharing tips online about health, fitness, nutrition and muscle-building. He occasionally blogs about best muscle enhancer by XtremeNo and shares info about how to use supplements properly.

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