How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat Effectively While Maintaining Your Muscle Mass

How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat Effectively While Maintaining Your Muscle Mass
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How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat Effectively While Maintaining Your Muscle Mass

It seems that in the bodybuilding world, many of us are too focused on building muscle and “Getting huge”. While this is the right way to go about it, there are other factors to consider when wanting to achieve that shredded ripped body.

As many argue, muscle building and fat burning have directly proportional relationships. This means that when we gain muscle, we gain fat, and vice versa.

So how do we effectively gain lean muscle, without the fat?

For years, many have turned to steroids such as: dianabol, as anabolic steroids have the powerful effects of accelerating protein synthesis and therefore muscle building without the added fat. The problem is that with that, nasty side effects come with it.

Is it possible to gain muscle and not gain fat, or even better get rid of the fat?

Although it is virtually impossible to gain 100% muscle and 0% fat, there are ways to maximise the former and minimise the latter.

One effective way is to make use of a fat burner. Fat burners are not a must to lose fat, but can certainly help speeding up the process and make it just easier.

Natural fat burners have been proven to:

Raise Internal body temperature

By having a higher body temperature, our metabolisms automatically speed up enabling breakdown and absorption of nutrients to happen faster, meaning our bodies are using up energy at a faster rate and eventually turning to store fat for energy.

Contain natural appetite suppressing properties

This is huge! The reason this is really HUGE is because as humans, we sometimes can’t control our appetites, and when we see that brownie or chocolate, no matter how disciplined we are, we sometimes can’t just help it but reach to it.

This just makes complete sense since if we don’t eat more than our body requires, we will just naturally maintain and even shed that stubborn fat during our workouts at the gym.

Likewise, the food that goes into our bodies would be and should be the right foods e.g. water, lean proteins, complex and fibrous carbs with healthy fats; nothing more nothing less.

Quick Tip to Create your body into a natural fat burning furnace

An effective and fast way of getting your body in the right conditions for fat burning is to:

  • Consume caffeine before a workout (either natural black coffee will do or caffeine pills): These will help in not just providing more energy pre-workout but also suppressing hunger and cravings.
  • Take L-Carnitine: This will help transporting body fat into the bloodstream for an effective source of energy. This is an amino acid, so it’s natural too!
  • Get used to Cayenne pepper: Try and use this spicy, yet tasty condiment on your foods where possible. Cayenne pepper has been proven effective in raising your body temperature levels and increasing your metabolism.

These quick tips should help you in your fat burning efforts, however, in the busy world we live in nowadays, it is not always easy, or convenient to prepare ourselves healthy foods, or even ensuring that we do all these things every day.

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To be honest, the less that we need to think about the better, and that is why a quality fat burning supplement with a proven track for results would also come in handy, as all it takes is to pop in a pill or two a day and then its set and forget while you are on your way to achieving the body of your desires.

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