Fat Loss Product Shopping Guide

Fat Loss Product Shopping Guide
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There are hundreds if not thousands of weight loss supplements available today, all of which promise to help you lose weight fast. With so many products available choosing the one that is best for your needs can seem impossible.

This article helps take the guesswork out of shopping for weight loss supplements.

Fat Loss Product Shopping Guide

Ephedra Free Thermogenics

If you do not want to take ephedra there are other supplements to give your metabolism a boost and help you lose weight. Ephedrine free supplements contain nutrients that are less stimulating than ephedrine but still effective in helping you lose weight. Popular nutrients used in the more effective formulas are: synephrine, a less stimulating chemical cousin of ephedrine, tyrosine to increase metabolic rate, and caffeine, which boosts metabolism. Look for these ingredients to be included when shopping for this type of product.

Fatty Acids

Contrary to popular belief, fats don’t necessarily make you fat. Some fats can actually help you lose fat. Three fatty acid supplements that can help decrease bodyfat include CLA, flax seed oil, and fish oil. CLA, short for conjugated linoleic acid is a fatty acid found in cheese, red meat, and milk.

Studies show that taking between 3-6 grams of CLA daily can help decrease bodyfat and possibly increase strength and muscle mass. Fish and flax seed oil, rich in omega three fatty acids, help decrease bodyfat by improving hormonal function, increasing metabolic activity, and decreasing water weight.

Studies show that supplementing with up to 6 grams a day of fish or flax oil are required to see noticeable results in terms of weight loss. Fish oil is the preferred source of omega 3 fatty acids since the body better utilizes it. Expect best results to be seen after a few weeks of continuous supplementation.

When buying any type of fatty acid supplement make sure they are from a reputable manufacturer known to use only the best ingredients. Top manufacturers of fatty acid supplements include AST, EAS, and Prolab.

Fat “Blockers”

Fat blocker supplements are designed to absorb the fat you eat before they are metabolized and stored as bodyfat. One of the most popular ingredients used in these supplements is chitosan. Chitosan is obtained from the skeletons of lobsters and other shellfish, has no caloric value, and is structurally similar to the plant fiber cellulose.

This means it is not absorbed or used by the body as an energy source and instead binds to the fats you eat, moving them out of the body as waste. Manufacturers recommend taking up to 6 grams of chitosan daily to help with weight loss.

While there is some preliminary data supporting chitosan’s fat loss benefits, it has not yet been proven to be as effective as other supplements, especially those containing ephedrine. Since using chitosan may block the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and certain drugs, manufacturers recommend taking vitamin supplements a few hours prior to using chitosan and speaking with your doctor before using chitosan.

Herbal Diuretics

Herbal diuretic supplements can help you safely lose the extra water you are holding to get you into the best possible shape. Popular ingredients include dandelion root, caffeine, and an herb called urva usi that safely helps the body rid itself of excess water weight.

These products are best to use after you have already lost the bodyfat you wanted to lose to put the finishing touches on your physique.

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