Maeng Da Kratom: A beginner’s guide

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White Maeng Da kratom is arguably the most popular type of kratom in the Western world. This unique strain is renowned for having powerful effects, that are great for combatting pain, relieving stress and anxiety, and lifting mood. However, as the United States kratom industry is unregulated, you have to be really careful about who you buy it from.

In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Maeng Da kratom, from the varying effects of different strain, to the most common consumption methods. This is a great introductory article for newcomers to Maeng Da, and kratom in general. 

Introducing kratom 

Kratom is officially known as mitragynaspeciosa, and is a plant that has been grown and used for thousands of years in Southeast Asia. Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and neighboring countries are familiar with kratom, which is taken for both stimulatory and sedative purposes. Records suggest that kratom has historically been used by manual laborers working in physically demanding conditions, to keep up their energy levels. 

However, in the West, kratom has emerged as a natural alternative to opioid painkillers. The opioid crisis has proven devastating over the past couple of decades, with more than 200,000 deaths in the US alone from prescription opioids since the 1990s. Kratom is effective at relieving pain, through the same mechanisms as opioids (via mu-opioid receptors). 

However, importantly, kratom’s alkaloids are not as potent as the compounds in opioid drugs, and are not so prone to causing addiction and overdoses. There are still risks to taking kratom, however, and you should never abuse the drug, or consume more than is necessary. Researchers are learning more about kratom as we speak. This process could take a while, given there are plenty of alkaloids and flavonoids in the plant that are yet to be studied. 

Why is Maeng Da kratom special?

Kratom users are spoilt for choice nowadays, with such a wide variety of strains out there. Some like the deep relaxation that comes from White Bali kratom, others prefer the more mild relief of Malay strains. However, despite so much to pick from, it seems the majority of people end up opting for Maeng Da kratom. Why? The potency is certainly key, and the name ‘Maeng Da’ suggests as much in the Thai language – it translates to ‘pimp grade’! 

Maeng Da kratom typically contains a mixture of other strains, hence the super-strength and slightly unusual effects that are reported with certain veins. Ensure you only purchase Maeng Da from a trusted vendor. This is even more critical than with other strains. Since Maeng Da is so strong, there is potential for fraudulent companies to make fake kratom with dangerous ingredients. 

Not to mention, you’ll be greatly rewarded for buying legit, high-quality Maeng Da kratom. The effects are even more impressive than what you get from regular kratom. The slightly more energizing effects are great for when you need pain relief, but don’t want to feel tired and off your mental game. 

Now you have a better idea of what Maeng Da kratom is, let’s go into detail about what you can expert from white, red and green vein strains. 

White Maeng Da kratom

Enjoy the ultimate energy boost with this revitalizing strain. White Maeng Da makes good on the well-known energizing effects of white vein kratom, and then some! With this strain, you’ll be feeling completely alert and focussed. If your job consists of a lot of heavy lifting and manual work, these stimulating effects are perfect. 

If you get affected by anxiety, then this strain may be a little too powerful, and cause some jitters – in which case, try a more calming type of Maeng Da. But if you’re familiar with and fond of white kratom strains, Maeng Da is a brilliant way of taking your experience up a notch. One mid-range will perk up your mood and energy levels. You may even get a little bit of euphoria from this strain, a nice bonus if you’re enduring a long and boring day.

Red Maeng Da kratom

Red Maeng Da kratom is much more soothing and relaxing. It’s therefore well-suited to dealing with chronic pain. However, Red Maeng Da doesn’t share all the traits of other well-known strains, like Red Borneo kratom. Even the red version of Maeng Da is still energizing when taken in low doses. These effects combine with some analgesic effects. Daytime kratom users enjoy combination of pain relief without fatigue. The mild energy boost is good for getting rid of brain fog and restoring mental clarity. If you find long afternoons at the office desk tough going, it’s worth experimenting with Red Maeng Da. 

In larger quantities, this Maeng Da delivers the deeper sedation that traditional red kratom strains have a reputation for. Because of the opiate-style sedation and pain relief, a high dose of Red Maeng Da should be left for the end of the day. The effects are better when you can allow your mind to switch off and relax, knowing you’ve not got any more work to do!

Green Maeng Da kratom

With Green Maeng Da, you get a perfect balance of the red and white versions of this strains. These hybrid-like effects are ideal for around-the-clock use. You’ll always be keeping your energy levels topped up, while staying fairly relaxed and anxiety-free. A low dose of Green Maeng Da tends towards more stimulating effects, while a larger quantity is more sedating. Although both effects are not as potent or one-sided as you’d get from White or Red Maeng Da. 

The Green strain is a great way of getting into Maeng Da, if you’re a little hesitant about the powerful effects. This strain is not overpowering, but still provides an authentic kratom experience, whatever it is you’re looking for. 

How to enjoy Maeng Da kratom

Kratom is a versatile substance, and there are a few different consumption methods to decide from – some of these are traditional, others more Westernized. There are benefits to each type of kratom product, and personal preference is usually the deciding factor when purchasing.

Kratom tea

Maeng Da kratom tea is a wholesome and warming way of getting kratom’s benefits. Tea is one of the more efficient ways of taking kratom, with effects relatively fast-acting compared to capsules. You could make kratom tea traditionally by boiling the leaves, although we appreciate this is time-consuming! Mixing kratom powder into hot water and adding a sweetener is certainly easier. And for even more convenience, kratom tea bags are a fantastic buy!  

Kratom powder – ‘toss and wash’ 

The ‘toss and wash’ approach is a Western favorite, and good if you’re rushed for time. Maeng Da kratom powder is at its most effective with this method, with the benefits kicking in almost straight away. But what exactly is ‘toss and wash’?

It’s as simple as putting a scoop of kratom powder in your mouth, swilling it around vigorously and rigorously with water, and then swallowing. Only swallow once you’re sure that there are no clumps left in the powder, so that it can be easily digested. ‘Toss and wash’ is superb if you need quick pain relief or a sudden spark of energy. It’s very difficult to get the dosage exact and consistent every time, but you’ll soon work out roughly the right amount to take. 

Perhaps the only negative of kratom powder is the taste. In its natural state, kratom is extremely bitter. It’s why some look for other kratom products to hide the smell. As it’s difficult to bring sweeteners into the ‘toss and wash’ method, you’ll have to grin and bear it. 

Maeng Da kratom capsules 

Kratom capsules are appealing if you don’t like the strong kratom flavor, and are looking for a product that provides accurate and consistent dosages. When using kratom capsules, you’ll always know the precise quantity of kratom contained within each. However, if you want to get creative, why not buy some empty capsules, and infuse them with Maeng Da kratom powder and some other natural extracts?

The main downside of capsules is the slow response time. The alkaloids in the power can only become active after the capsule is digested. However, the effects don’t wear off quite as quickly. Albeit less of an issue, some find kratom capsules too big to swallow. Most users will have to take a few capsules per dose, and if you find the big capsules difficult to get down, this could put you off kratom altogether.

Chew kratom leaves 

Why not take kratom the old-fashioned way, by chewing the leaves directly! Take a trip to Thailand and Malaysia and you’ll see many others doing the same. Chewing kratom leaves is an efficient way of consuming the plant, as the alkaloids are quickly absorbed sublingually. 

That said, kratom leaves are tough and chewing them can be an effort, especially with the harsh, bitter flavor. If you can find kratom leaves, you may want to give this method a shot. However, there’s a reason leaf-chewing isn’t so popular in the West. Here, we have other products that are just as effective, and easier to take.

Kratom paste 

With paste, you can bring kratom into your favorite meals and recipes. Kratom paste is effective as a standard ingredient, and also when used as a spread. Just remember that the bitter taste will dominate a recipe, unless it’s been masked with other richly-flavored ingredients! 

Taking Maeng Da kratom to reduce opioid dependence

The opioid epidemic has quietly wreaked havoc across America, and only recently has the country been waking up to the problem. Prescribed opioids are highly addictive, and many patients have found themselves unable to quit taking them. Even worse, due to tolerance buildup, patients eventually need stronger opioid doses for the same relief

Kratom is an attractive prospect to reducing opioid dependence, as it still delivers substantial pain relief, but is much less likely to get you hooked. Some may argue that replacing opioids for kratom is just substituting one drug for another. But the key is that kratom is less harmful, and lowers the overall risk to the patient. 

The potent properties of Maeng Da kratom may help tackle more severe cases of opioid addiction. However, if you are planning to quit your opioid prescription plan, or combine it with kratom, always consult with a physician. The content in this article is for educational purposes only, and should not be taken as medical advice. 

Taking Maeng Da kratom for euphoria 

Maeng Da kratom can also be used recreationally. Higher doses of kratom are associated with euphoria, thanks to the strong, mood-boosting effects. Most people do not have issues taking kratom, although not everybody responds well to the drug. Those who don’t have difficulties with kratom are definitely able to enjoy the euphoric properties of some Maeng Da strains. 

However, as stated earlier in the article, you should never abuse kratom. It’s not a problem to take kratom to feel good (the plant has antidepressant effects, after all), but don’t be reckless when increasing the dosage, and don’t indulge too regularly. 

Side effects of Maeng Da kratom 

Any of White, Red and Green Maeng Da kratom can cause side effects. In general, White strains are most likely to cause anxiety, due to the stimulating, cerebral effects. Red Maeng Da kratom is more prone to causing dependence with heavy, and sustained use.

Other common side effects of kratom include nausea, vomiting, constipation and dry mouth. In rare cases, kratom use has been linked to seizures. Whatever your circumstances, starting with a low kratom dosage is recommended so you don’t get any unwelcome surprises.

Is Maeng Da kratom legal?

Yes, Maeng Da kratom is legal in the United States – just like all other forms of kratom. The federal government has not imposed a ban, despite plans from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for just that back in 2016. However, some states have prohibited kratom. 

As of October 2019, these are: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island and Wisconsin. Some counties and cities have also banned the plant, so check kratom is legal in your jurisdiction before you buy.

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