5 Basic Nutrition Rules To Keep Your Body Healthy In 2017

5 Basic Nutrition Rules To Keep Your Body Healthy In 2017
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5 Basic Nutrition Rules To Keep Your Body Healthy In 2017

With obesity becoming an unstoppable problem among the modern generation, the need for a healthy and controlled diet also increases. Obese people are prone to a number of health problems ranging from back pain to knee pain to diabetes and heart attacks. The truth is, there is no magic remedy to cure obesity. The only reliable way is to exercise and eat well. To exercise, you could set up your own garage gym and exercise under the guidance of a personal trainer if you are shy about heading to the gym. When it comes to diet, there is no shortcut as well. You need to know what you eat. It all boils down to taking the right nutrition and eliminating junk food from your diet.

Here are five important nutrition rules you need to remember for a healthy body in 2017.

1. Listen to your body

Sometimes your body sends vital signals and it’s important that you take them seriously and follow them. The best thing about weight loss is understanding what your body needs and making the necessary adjustments in your diet accordingly. In the name of dieting, you might simply choose to skip a meal during a day. Some days, you might not feel the hunger at all. But on days when your body lets your stomach to growl and you feel hungry, you need to eat something. Homemade vegetable soup is often the best remedy for weight loss hunger.

2. Eat less and feel full

One of the best ways to eat less and still feel full is to eat slowly. Chew well and eat without talking. Don’t feel the urge to complete your plate in three minutes and rush up to your next appointment. Hurried eating is one of the biggest culprits to digestion related problems which in turn allows gas to build up in your intestine causing you to fart or feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

Make sure that you figure out what the best quantity of food is most appropriate for your body. It doesn’t mean that if you are big, you must eat more. You can feel full with a cup of vegetable salad for lunch if you train your mind and prepare yourself better. Ideally, a cup of vegetable salad should include one cucumber, one carrot, sprouted beans, cooked capsicum, coriander along with salt and pepper. If you are having bread sandwich for breakfast, make sure to avoid cheese, butter, and jam. The most nutritious bread sandwich is the one that includes stuffing of cooked vegetables. Three pairs of bread sandwiches can easily keep you full for up to five hours with no juice or food to be taken during the time.

Another effective way to improve your eating is to avoid junk food and use natural foods to get the same taste.

3. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

If you are on weight loss, then it is recommended that you take at least 8-9 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day. They are very rich in vitamins and have very less calories as well. They are easily digested in the intestine and absorbed in the bloodstream.

Although fruits contain sucrose, it is to be noted that this is natural sugar which carries no extra calories like processed sugar. Go for dark colored fruits and vegetables because they are proven to contain more nutrition than the bright colored ones.

4. Strictly avoid processed foods

All packaged foods contain added artificial ingredients and flavors which are loaded with bad calories that can easily ruin anyone’s weight loss program. As much as possible, avoid eating packaged foods and drinks. Prefer tender coconut to coke and pepsi and eat bread sandwich instead of pizza. You can get the masala naturally in vegetable soup so there is no need to rely on chips and French fries to appease your taste buds anymore. The natural options are far better and beneficial.

5. Keep your body hydrated

This has been stressed on a lot but it’s also one tip that is worth repeating. Don’t stick to just eight glasses of water. During a five mile run, you will end up losing a lot of water in the form of sweat so eight glasses of water isn’t just enough. Drink at least 12-15 glasses of water during the day to replace the lost water and keep your body hydrated.


There is no doubt that weight loss is as important as anything else in our lives. If you learn to take care of your body, you’ll stay healthy and fit and live a happy life. The best way to do that is to follow the aforementioned pointers starting today. All the very best!

Author: Evelyn Kail

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