Plan Z Diet – The Perfect, Healthy & Self-Sufficient Diet Program

Plan Z Diet – The Perfect, Healthy & Self-Sufficient Diet Program
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Plan Z Diet – The Perfect, Healthy & Self-Sufficient Diet Program

Numerous people are searching for different diet programs which actually work.

The truth is there are very few weight loss programs which actually work.

One name which would clearly stand out when you’re looking for a weight loss diet is Plan Z diet.

If you have been researching the weight loss methods on the Internet, you would surely come across Plan Z diet.

Today we would be not only going into the details of Plan Z diet but also trying to find out why it is so effective.

What is Plan Z diet?

Plan Z by Zola is a diet plan which works around the principle of limiting the calories which you are consuming. At the same point of time rather than suggesting you expensive solutions in order to limit the calories, it actually suggests you home-made meals which you can prepare easily.

In addition to the diet, they also provide you a homeopathic spray which you have to apply beneath your tongue.

The diet plan includes 6 bottles of ZR50 along with full list of recipes and more printed material which would help you in following the diet.

In addition to that, they also provide coaching with the help of emails.

You will be getting a separate binder of recipes from which you can easily choose the ones which you prefer.

The diet plan aims to limit you to 800 cals while at the same time, trying to keep it healthy for you.

Now that you are familiar with the Plan Z diet, we would be going into the reasons why you should opt for it.

We would discuss 5 different reasons why Plan Z diet is better than the other weight loss diet programs.

1. Low-calorie diet:

Generally speaking, if you’re able to limit the calorie intake on a daily basis and balance out the nutrients properly, you would be surely losing weight.

This diet aims to bring your calorie count to below thousand calories and the exact goal which it keeps is 800 cal.

This would ensure that you would be able to drastically reduce the number of calories which you are consuming on a daily basis.

At the same point of time, due to the recipes in the recipe binder of the diet program, you can be sure that the essential nutrients are always provided to the body.

The homeopathic spray would shield your body against the side-effects of the low calorie diet. We would be elaborating on this later.

As a result, you can be sure that in spite of cutting down the calories drastically, you would be able to still provide the essential nutrients to your body and at the same point of time reduce your weight and lose weight in your face.

2. Home-made meals:

This diet ensures that you are consuming the home made food.

The recipes which are available along with it are pretty normal recipes and other members of the family can also consume the same food.

Due to this very reason, you would not need any extra preparation for different meals.

At the most, you have to just control the portion size so that you are able to limit the calorie in-take.

This reduces the work by a great amount and ensures that this diet is easy to implement.

3. Homeopathic spray:

As we stated above, this diet plan also consists of 6 bottles of homeopathic spray.

The supplement is known is ZR250.

The ingredients of the homeopathic spray:

-Calcarea Carbonica
-Nux Vomica
-Magnesium Phosphorica

These ingredients ensure that any of the negative effects on the body due to the low-calorie diet are eliminated.

You have to spray this 4 times below your tongue.

This ensures that the body is able to get accustomed to the low-calorie diet plan.

This spray also ensures that you are able to continue with the diet plan easily.

4. Value for money:

Even though if you just look at the monetary cost of the diet plan, it would seem expensive but when you look into the entire diet plan and the things which you’re getting, you would actually find it to be value for money.

The things which you would be getting in the Plan Z diet plans are:

-Recipe binder
-6 bottles of homeopathic spray
-Coaching through emails
-Members-only website access

All of these things combined would ensure that you are able to follow the diet plan quite easily.

If you’re stuck somewhere, not only you would be able to communicate with the other members through the members only website but also you can opt for the coaching through emails.

This would ensure that if at any point of time you think that you’re not getting superior results like the other members, you would be able to easily opt for the coaching and you would be able to improve your diet plan easily.

5. Easy to adapt:

Normally, when you’re trying to adapt to a diet, you would find that due to the lifestyle changes and eating habit changes which you need to inculcate in yourself, it becomes very difficult for you to adapt to a new diet.

However, with this diet plan, you would not be having any such problem.

It has different phases like:

-Z binge:
In this phase, you would be able to eat normal food but all you have to do is to use the spray up to 4 times per day. This phase lasts for only first 2 days.

-Z reduction:
This is the phase where you would be reducing the calories to approximately 800 per day. You would be also trying to adapt to the recipes which are mentioned in the diet plan and you would be allowed up to 2 meals per day. This phase lasts from Day 3 to Day 50.

-Z reboot:
In this phase, you are able to increase the calorie count to a certain extent because the metabolic system gets rebooted which in turn allows you to consume more food without gaining weight. This phase lasts for following 6 weeks.

-Z life:
After the reboot, this is the maintenance phase. It ensures that you are able to stick to the calories which were allowed in the above stage. Generally, you are encouraged to inculcate good eating habits so that you are able to easily maintain your weight.

As you can see, due to these different phases and due to the gradual changes in each and every phase, you would be able to adapt to this diet easily.

Since it provides you with a longer time frame in order to adapt to the diet, the results of the diet are also much better.

These are the 5 reasons due to which Plan Z diet is actually very effective and has become quite popular and has garnered positive reviews all over the world. And even those that are in college can still lose weight by going on the Plan Z diet.

Pros of the diet:

-Efficient and Healthy weight loss
-No Hcg injections involved
-Healthy nutrient intake during diet
-Easy to implement

So, if you’re looking for a diet program which would actually help you in losing weight while providing your body with the essential nutrients and making sure that the weight loss is healthy, then the Plan Z diet is the perfect option for you.

Author: Lucy Semikin

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