WATCH: Larry Wheels Pulls 745 x 8 Deadlift

WATCH: Larry Wheels Pulls 745 x 8 Deadlift
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Larry Wheels keeps on making impressive lifts throughout his workouts.

23 year old Larry Wheels from Bronx, New York grew up in poverty and general discomfort. However, as he got older he found light which gave eventually gave him comfort as well as inner and outer strength. That light was weight training and bodybuilding.

Wheels is not just a record breaking powerlifter, he is also a competitive amateur bodybuilder. In addition Wheels won his first bodybuilding show, the NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic in California in February earlier this year.

Hard work generally means better payoff. A principle which can be said about the featured video where Mr. Wheels pulls the incredible weight of 745 pounds for 8 repetitions.


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