Watch Larry Wheels Press 405 lbs over his head!

Watch Larry Wheels Press 405 lbs over his head!
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Larry Wheels recently posted an impressive video on his Instagram where he strictly presses 405 lbs over his head

24 year old Larry Wheels from the Bronx is a record breaking powerlifter and a amateur bodybuilder who made a splash into the fitness industry 2-3 years ago.

However it didn’t begin with a straight success.

Growing up in a poor neighborhood, Larry also spent time in foster homes and got familiar with poverty and hunger at an early age. The neighborhoods also meant facing dangerous situations as a child, for example walking through troubling alleys around his home and also on the way to school.

However, during the years of growing up in Bronx Wheels found his passion, strength and self confidence throughout strength training and  powerlifting.  He wanted to look big and powerful so that no one would try to make trouble.

In addition to being a bodybuilder as well, Wheels won his first show plus the overall at the NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic in California earlier in February 2018.  When he decides to do his next bodybuilding show is not known by now.

In the featured instagram video Wheels makes another one of his impressive lifts of pressing 405 lbs strict over his head.


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