WATCH: Big Ramy’s Road to the Olympia 2018

WATCH: Big Ramy’s Road to the Olympia 2018
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Big Ramy is only a few weeks out from Olympia. This time around Ramy and his manager and owner of Oxygen gym Bader Boodai are more confident than ever. Ramy will win in Las Vegas.

Big Ramy, or like his real name is pronounced: Mamdouh Mohammed Hassan Elssbiay from Egypt, made an astonishing impact in the IFBB Pro League in 2013. His first show was the New York Pro which he won dominantly.

During the early phases of his pro career he was coached by Dennis James. However, Ramy and his manager has switched coaches a few times since then. After James they tried George Farah for awhile and Chris Aceto after him.

These days, all of Ramy’s work is based in Kuwait by their Camel Crew team with additional trainers which also include Chris Cormier.

More than winning the NY-Pro Ramy has also won Arnold Classic Brazil, Kuwait Pro and Arnold Classic Europe.

When it comes to Ramy’s career one goal has always been the main focus. Many other bodybuilders are proud to call themselves pro show winners, but for Ram there is a different story. The number one mission to fulfill, has always been, winning the Mr. Olympia.

If he succeeds or not, time will tell between the 13th – 16th of September,at the Orleans arena in Las Vegas.

Watch Ramy’s road to the Olympia:

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