Varicose Vein Treatment: Good Exercise And Bad Exercise For Veins

Varicose Vein Treatment: Good Exercise And Bad Exercise For Veins
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Varicose Vein Treatment: Good Exercise And Bad Exercise For Veins

What type of exercise is good both before and after undergoing varicose vein treatment? The following information is based primarily on what vein doctors and physical therapists recommend. However, it is also based on what varicose vein treatment patients prefer and or experience when trying various types of exercises before and after treatment.

Walking is the number one most highly recommended exercise both before and after varicose vein treatment. We’re talking about plain ol’ simple walking — not power walking, speed walking, long distance walking, marathon walking, or jogging! Literally, the best type of exercise to prevent varicose veins and improve circulation in veins is to put on a pair of good fitting walking shoes and just stroll around the neighborhood or take a leisurely walk in the park or at your favorite beach. This is also the most highly recommended exercise to do right after varicose vein treatment, including the same day of the treatment.

Plain ol’ simple walking works your calf muscle and your foot action. This gets your calf pump and your foot pump working well. The rhythmic squeezing of the calf muscle puts force on the deep veins in your legs and this rhythmic force gets the venous return of blood moving like clockwork. It also gets any stagnant blood in your legs moving again. After varicose vein treatment, this helps expedite the healing process.

Here’s a tip. If you are the type of person who starts out fully motivated to walk daily but then find excuses to lag off, then consider getting a dog! There’s nothing like those soulful puppy dog eyes begging to go on a walk that will keep you constantly motivated every single day, more than once a day, to go on a walk to keep your veins healthy!

Another tip to stay motivated to walk daily is the following. Promise your child or grandchild that you’ll go on a walk with them every day. Further, tell them that you want them to pester you to go on that walk, no matter what else is happening. A motivated child, that you love dearly of course, will also keep you motivated to keep walking every day!

Jogging or running on a treadmill is a pounding type exercise that can damage your vein veins by putting extra pressure on them, repeatedly so. This is especially true if you jog on concrete or a road surface where there is absolutely no give in the substrate.

Now, what other types of exercising, besides walking, are good before and after varicose vein treatment?

Bicycling is another good one, because again, it gets the calf pump going without damaging your vein valves or vein wall. This can be on a regular bike you use outside or on a stationary bike. You do not need to be into speed racing and you do not need to go overboard with climbing hills. Just a normal bike ride, such as you might take through the neighborhood, or to run an errand, or perhaps bike to work, can really get your calf pump going.

Elliptical machines are another great exercise for before and after varicose vein treatment. The floor models, where the elliptical sits on the floor and you move a chair close to the elliptical to spin it with your feet and legs, works better than the upright versions, since it puts less pressure on your joints and your vein valves.

Simple yoga exercise, such as deep breathing to gain more oxygen, can also be healthy for your varicose veins. Yoga can also clear your mind and help you manage any discomfort you may have after varicose vein treatment.

Okay, what are some of the worst types of exercise to do before and after varicose vein treatment?

Any exercise that causes strain on the body can potentially damage your vein valves and put excess pressure on your vein walls while you exercise. This includes lifting weights and any straining exercise that uses your own body weight, such as squats. Also, for the first few weeks after varicose vein treatment, it’s a good idea to avoid jolting type exercise such as playing tennis, jazzercise, or doing aerobics.

Of course, you should always check with your vein doctor when planning to do any type of exercise after varicose vein treatment. He or she will be the only person fully aware of your treatment and can advise you on how long to wait to do a particular type of exercise and how much exercise to do.

If you haven’t yet received varicose vein treatment, but suspect that you may need it, you can get a free evaluation of your veins at Metro vein Centers. This is one of the top varicose vein treatment centers in the country and they have several locations across several states. Check their website for details and then give them a call to schedule the free appointment.

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