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The Major Benefits Of Exercise In Maintaining Good Health

Having a healthy diet and exercising every single day can be tough at times, but the rewards that come with it are irreplaceable. That’s why people tend to stick onto to their lousy eating and exercising schedule. If you are one of the people who want to start staying healthy all the time, here I have some reasons that’ll push you over the edge and make you start exercising right now.

Exercise and Good Health

Exercise is a good way to get your body off its butt and into the hard but wonderful journey that is good health, I’m just kidding, eating pudding is much more wonderful. Anyways in trying to achieve good health exercise plays a crucial role in the development of your structure and the activity of your brain. Therefore exercise if you want a healthy looking butt.

Let’s talk about the benefits of exercise now.

The Major Benefits Of Exercise In Maintaining Good Health

1. Boxing:

Boxing and indoors don’t really go together, but now you can bring boxing to your home with the most basic gear in the market. So, buy a punching bag, some gloves and you have the first step down. Now all you need is some training equipment, for boxing you won’t be need those heavy gym machines. Just get yourself a pull up bar and take out some pull ups every single day. I even suggest getting someone from your family or a buddy of yours to spar with, he won’t have to be an expert or anything, just someone who’ll hold the focus pad for you. And that’s all that you need to be home grown boxer

2. Better Sleep:

Sleep is a crucial part of a person’s health. It affects them both mentally and physically. A person that hasn’t got ample amount of sleep is bound to be inactive, neither his mind nor his body have rested according to what they need to and that’s what makes their performance unexceptional. Loss of sleep could be insomnia, excessive use of gadgets or really any other thing that hasn’t allowed a person to sleep properly. Exercise however is the key to a perfect 8 hours sleep, this is because when you exercise you tire yourself out. Your body requires rest and even if you keep pushing to stay awake you’ll eventually dose off. Thus even though you have stuff distracting you from a good night sleep, exercise will kick your distractions aside and tuck you in!

3. Lean body Structure – Low fat mass:

Exercise is really the key to a lean and proper body structure plus it even helps you decrease the total amount of body fat that you have. When you exercise, you burn calories and fat and replace them with the better stronger, muscle mass. Exercise and bodybuilding builds Muscle fiber of type II which actually decreases a person’s fat mass even when he or she is completely still. This is really good news for those kind of people who want to stay fit but hate dieting. Now you can eat the stuff you love, in low amounts though, and still have the perfect body structure.

4. Lower Risks of Diseases:

Each and every person in their lifetimes battles some sort of disease, whether big or small. Diseases are natural, and are part of our lives. We take medicines to make our body better, but the body never returns to its older healthier version, pre-disease. Exercise is what will get you there, exercise is what make our body fight harder with a disease. When you exercise your body is stronger and more active, just like each and every one of your body cells and organs. Your body can easily fight a disease when it is actively healthier. Exercise will also help prevent diseases like diabetes. When you exercise you burn fat, which mean the likelihood of you having diabetes decreases. The probability of heart diseases also decreases predominantly with exercise. So start exercises and live longer.

5. Happier Life – Better Mood:

Exercise like I said before is great for your brain, it keeps your brain active and running for a longer period of time. Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises have been attributed to induce higher self-esteem and a boost in confidence, with lower anxiety levels. Physical work out encourages the production of endorphins, these are chemicals from your brain that help you stay in a better and healthier mood.

This means the more you exercise the more you stay away from depression and a negative approach in life. Exercise also tends to give you a sense of purpose in life and this further increases the morale of a person. Being Healthy means being both, mentally and physically fit.


Exercise is an integral part of a healthy life. A person stays fit, strong and active both mentally and physically, with a sense of duty in life. People that take care of themselves and their health are meant to live a longer and a happier life. Therefore my suggestion would be that you pick up a track suit, call a bunch of your friends and start exercising now, because soon you won’t be able to. Get healthy and get exercising!

Author: Anna Richards

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