Natural Tips For Improving Sleep Quality

Natural Tips For Improving Sleep Quality
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Natural Tips For Improving Sleep Quality

Sleep is vital for your overall health and wellbeing. When you sleep your body is repaired and restored for the day ahead.

In any case, getting deep, restorative rest can be troublesome every now and again.

With the quick paced world we live in, prioritizing rest is usually a low on the theme pole.

So how can you optimize your sleep quality? The following are a rundown of tips that can assist you in improving your sleep quality.

1. Free Up Your Schedule

One of the best things you can do is to simplify your calendar. When it feels like you’re running a million miles an hour, it makes it hard to unwind and loosen up.


Take on less duties. Figure out how to say “no”.

You only get one life, and you need to live it without bounds. Once in a while the most unselfish activity is to selfish with your time. A better rested you will make for a better person to be around.

So take on less, and use the extra down time as relaxation time. This will help to lessen the stress load on your physical body and will increase your overall health and wellbeing (as well as your sanity!).

2. Avoid Too Much Caffeine

One of the fundamental issues that causes sleep issues is caffeine. I’m looking at you espresso! Caffeine is a stimulant that keeps your brain wired and makes it hard to rest.

While many people know not to drink coffee before bed, did you realize that caffeine remains in your body for roughly 5-6 hours? That means that if you drink some espresso at 4:00pm, the caffeine content in that cup will be present in your body at 9:00-10:00 when you are trying to sleep.

For the best outcome, stay away from caffeine toward the evening. While the best time “caffeine cut-off time” can differ from person to person depending of caffeine sensitivity, sleep time, and so on… it is best to remain free of caffeine 5-6 hours before bed.

3. Create a Relaxing Sleep Environment

Creating a sleep sanctuary is critical for better sleep quality. By sleep sanctuary, I mean create a sleep environment that is comfortable and relaxing for you. Buy a pillow that is ideal for you. Find sheets that are comfortable. Get sleep pajamas that are comfy.

Sleep time is about unwinding. In the event that you have a jumbled, messy bedroom, it is going to subconsciously make you less focused.

4. Keep away from LED Lights at Night

LED lights are the lights found in your telephone, tablets, and television screens. These blue lights massively affect our brains. They essentially turn our brains “on”, which is not ideal when you are trying to rest!

The most ideal approach to battle this is to abstain from looking at a tablet screen before your bedtime. Read a book instead. If turning off your electronics is too much, you can get special eyeglasses that block blue LED lights. This will go far towards helping you rest better around evening time.

5. Rest In A Completely Dark Environment

Lights keep your mind awake. As you prepare for bed during the evening, gradually diminish the amount of light that you take in. This could incorporate dimming the lights during the evening or decreasing screen time (as I already mentioned).

When you are sleeping, you need to have a totally dark environment. No night lights. No alarm clock glare. Draw your curtains. You want it to be pitch black.

Complete darkness is needed so that your body can release melatonin into your body. Having even small amounts of lights can interfere with this natural process.

So there you have it. These are my best natural tips for improving sleep quality. Do you have a sleep tip that you swear by? Post it in the comments below and share your experience!

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David Brett is a fitness fanatic, writer, and personal trainer. Obsessed with optimizing every aspect of life, he is passionate about teaching others how to live a healthier, happier life. You can read more about his work at

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