Mark Bell – The Road to Competitive Bodybuilding

Mark Bell – The Road to Competitive Bodybuilding
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Mark Bell, 41-years-of-age, is mostly famous for being a powerlifter and a fitness entrepreneur. Coming from a powerlifting background Bell competed as a bulky super heavyweight. However, Bell has set a new goal for himself, and that is to become a real bodybuilder.

Mark Bell has been working hard in 2018 to real his goal of becoming a competitive bodybuilder. Lifting weights is obviously nothing new since he’s a household name in the powerlifting world.

However, dieting and training like a bodybuilder plus preparing to compete in an additional show is new to him.

In addition, to accomplish his goal Mark is coached by none other than top Guru of Mr. Olympias, Phil Heath, and Jeremy Buendia: Hany Rambod.

Mark is also known by being the older brother of Chris Bell. The man who created the movie “Bigger, Stronger, Faster*”. In that movie, Mark talks openly about his drug cycles which at that time involved competitive powerlifting.

In the featured video Bell goes over his diet transformation and practices mandatory poses, just days away from his first bodybuilding show.

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