Larry Wheels Pushes 585 Lbs in Incline Bench Press

Larry Wheels Pushes 585 Lbs in Incline Bench Press
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Larry Wheels is more than a promising amateur bodybuilder. He is also one of the strongest around and proves this time and time again by making incredible lifts.

Wheels won his bodybuilding debut, the NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic earlier in Februari. A show which he won in successful fashion. Not only did he win his class – the heavyweights. He also won the overall.

In addition to being a promising amateur bodybuilder, Wheels is also a real machine inside the gym. In the later months Wheels has made incredible lifts which he posted on his social media. In addition, Wheels is also a competing in powerlifting.

In the featured video he lifts 585 lbs (265KG) in incline bench press, which also is a personal record

Wheels is currently in preparations for the Miami Nationals in 11 weeks where he’s aiming for the IFBB Pro card.


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