Jose Raymond aka “The Boston Mass” at His Last Mr. Olympia

Jose Raymond aka “The Boston Mass” at His Last Mr. Olympia
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Jose Raymond competed at his last Mr. Olympia the past weekend. Additionally, a few of the weekend highlights are covered in the featured video.

Jose Raymond just competed in his last Olympia ever where he finished at the 5th spot. Earlier this year The Boston Mass competed at Arnold Classic where he didn’t come in at 100%. The legs were a lot smaller than earlier and the conditioning could have been better,

Raymond has had hip problems that interfered with leg training.  After the Arnold Classic, he quickly underwent surgery.

In addition, post surgery with additional rehab went well so Raymond began to set his goal to be at the Olympia stage.

Raymond’s Olympia package – as he called it “Best for Last” was improved since the Arnold’s. The legs were larger and the conditioning was better.

The Olympia wasn’t his Raymond’s last competition though. In fact, he is on his way to South Korea to compete at the Asia Grand Prix, along with names like David Henry, Shaun Clarida and Hadi “The Persian Wolf” Choopan.

If this is Raymond’s last show or if he will continue to compete the year out is yet to be decided.

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