Is Kai Greene Doing the Olympia this Year?

Is Kai Greene Doing the Olympia this Year?
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Kai Greene has shown many promising progress pictures and videos over social media lately. The question is, will Mr. Greene do the Olympia this year?

Kai Greene aka “The Predator” is one of the few IFBB Pros who have pushed Phil Heath the most in the last decade. Of course there is Big Ramy, but Kai Greene is definitely also one who could go toe to toe against the champion.

Greene has been away from competing since 2016 when he won Arnold Classic in both the US, Australia and Brazil. The reasons to the break should be related to managing his supplement company, plus guest appearances all over the world with additional seminaries and guest poses.

When it comes to Greene’s career and great highlights, he has 3 US Arnold Classic wins as well as 3 second places at the Olympia. Nevertheless, there is one feather missing in the hat, at least when it comes to the bodybuilding career. That is a Sandow in the trophy shelf back home in New York.

Another issue is that a special invite would be required to compete since all the qualifying shows are over.

Competing or not, one thing is for certain, in 5 weeks we will have the answer.


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