Is It Possible To Lose Weight By Using 2 Highly Used Methods?

Is It Possible To Lose Weight By Using 2 Highly Used Methods?
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Is It Possible To Lose Weight By Using 2 Highly Used Methods?

Considering that many people that work a lot of hours sitting down at a desk, inside an office, suffer from excessive weight, it would be for the benefit of the employers to provide effective weight loss and wellness programs. Healthier people require less medical leaves, which means that they are more present at work and more productive. Also, having a balanced body weight and a better physical shape leads to an improved self-esteem, which will make a person manage stress more efficiently and wish to perform at higher levels, so getting rid of love handles may be a good strategy to have happy and productive employees.

With the matter of having an increasing number of overweight employees, and, therefore, with a more fragile health, more and more companies adopt strategies meant to motivate people to lose weight and lead healthier lifestyles. How are the employers looking to motivate people to start losing weight? Well, there are 2 popular strategies that are commonly used by companies to make employees get thinner, healthier, and more reliable for the company. One of the strategies involves as motivation higher performances at work, while the second strategy involves offering cash prizes. So, which one of these strategies will motivate you well enough to start getting rid of love handles right away? Let us take a look at the benefits of each of these strategies.

The truth is that when people undergo a weight loss diet program, which allows them to lose weight even without exercise, in a balanced and healthy manner, it will lead to the availability of working a higher number of hours. A balanced weight loss program that focuses on adopting a healthy diet and an adequate exercise program will definitely improve not only the physical appearance and health of a person but also the mental state. This will make them more willing to work and more devoted to the goals of the company, wishing to achieve better performances and results. An overweighed person, on the other hand, will not have the same resistance and will be more prone to getting sick, due to various reasons, so the number of hours worked will be significantly lower than in the case of a fit person.

The other strategy, which involves offering money to the people that manage to lose a good number of pounds also pays great results. Money was always a good motivator and there are very many employees that will want to lose weight if this will get them financial benefits. While it’s nothing bad to be motivated by a prize when the prize stops coming there is a high chance that the motivation will disappear as well. So, the biggest disadvantage of using this method is that people will stop being motivated to lose weight once the money will stop coming their way.

A more efficient approach would be to offer insurance breaks to everybody that enters a weight loss program and manages to achieve the desired results. But, however you put it, excess weight is not healthy and finding sufficient motivation to get rid of it is the biggest threshold someone has to pass when it comes to this matter.

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