Improve Fitness Instruction Using The RACI Matrix

Improve Fitness Instruction Using The RACI Matrix
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Improve Fitness Instruction Using The RACI Matrix

The RACI matrix is used to clarify and identify roles and responsibilities during a business project. But if you are looking to improve your teaching of fitness classes, then you should apply this model. It will help you to run a smooth class, getting the most out of your clients and encouraging them to build muscle or burn fat. This in turn will make them more likely to attend future classes. RACI stands for responsible, accountable, consulted and informed. Let’s talk through what each one means and how it relates to fitness coaching.


If you are labeling the role of a colleague as responsible, then you are saying the burden is on them to complete the task. For instance, if you have someone booked in for weight training, then you need someone to take responsibility for each task that needs completing.

You may want one person to talk through the benefits of weight training, while another actually leads a class. This ensures every task gets completed. This role is usually given to several people, depending on how many tasks are to be completed.


Unlike the previous role, there is only one person who is given the role of accountability. This is the person who checks that all tasks have been completed to an adequate standard. By ensuring one single person is able to do this, you can give your customers the best standard.

In fitness terms, check that the customer has received the training they have asked for and have seen the effects they were looking for. If they are wishing to gain ten pounds of muscle in ten weeks, then the accountable person should continually check their progress.


This requires excellent communication skills, in which a team member has a two way communication with those carrying out tasks. This person should be consulted before the task as to what the task entails and then continue this communication throughout.

If a teacher has someone booked in for a workout at 2pm, they should first consult the person in this role to let them know what exactly what tasks they intend to complete. They should then regularly update the consulted team member.


This is another communication role, which is important when using the RACI model. However, it is only one way. These people are there to receive reports that keep them updated on the status of the task. For example, if someone is looking to gain a pound of muscle a week, are they on track to achieve this?

This means that there is always someone with a record of fitness routines who can spot if anything exceptional happens. This allows them to decide whether to update the task to be more or less demanding to achieve the best outcomes.

Fitness is all about results. However, it can be hard to get those gains if roles aren’t clearly defined. Everyone should have a clear idea of their specific role so that fitness classes can operate smoothly and effectively. Turn to business models such as the RACI matrix to more effectively carry out fitness instruction.

Author: Jess Walter

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