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How To Increase The Difficulty Of Your Spinning Workouts

How To Increase The Difficulty Of Your Spinning Workouts

The only real way to get great benefits from exercises is to ensure that you are working out with enough intensity. Eventually, your body will get used to one type of workout routine and then it will no longer be useful in building muscle or speed endurance. Spinning is a great exercise that allows you to work out all the muscles in your body all at once. It is also fun to be in a room full of other people spinning too. The workout helps to keep you motivated. But, you need to keep changing your workout routine, making it more intense for you to get any real benefits from spinning classes.

1. Intervals

The first thing you need to do is create intervals between your workouts. Even for the most training-obsessed cyclists, this is one that triggers the groans. Intervals for most spinners and cyclists are short, misery-inducing efforts. However, they tend to have huge benefits in the long-run, and they require a lot less workout time investments. It is how Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian have been able to lose so much pregnancy weight so fast.

Even as little as 30 microseconds have been known to increase Vo2 max, improve endurance, burn fat, in addition to working fast. In just two weeks of interval training, you can enhance your performance. These intervals will help to increase your endurance. However, just as suggested by point one above, you need to give yourself some recovery time. So, use one of these no more than twice a week. Also, ensure that you warm up with easy pedaling for about 15 minutes. Cool down as often as you need it.

2. Flying 40s

This is a great way to enhance muscular endurance, build power, and teach your body how to recover quickly. Demi Lovato is an excellent example of a celebrity who understands that varying their workouts has great advantages. Use a medium to large gear and push hard for about 40 seconds. Give yourself 20 seconds to recover then repeat the push. When you have done ten of these, that is one set. You can do as many of the sets as you can then rest 20 seconds between each set.

3. 10 Speeds

If you are thinking about improving your pedaling efficiency, these are lightning fast workouts that will help you develop speed and efficiency. All you have to do is fast pedaling for 10 seconds and push your gear up to 90-110 rpm with effort and spin for 20 seconds. Repeat this, cycle for 15 minutes and rest for five minutes. You can do as many of these reps as you want as long as you give yourself some time to rest in between. Ensure that your bike chain or belt is correctly fitted.

4. Hill Charges

Stand out of the saddle on a moderate incline and charge uphill as fast as possible for about 30n second. Go back to your original position and redo the same step while seated. For six climbs, ensure that you alternate between seating and standing and give yourself 10 seconds to recover before you engage in another set.

5. Tabata Intervals

Tabata intervals are spinning moves that were invented by a Japanese workout scientist known as Izumi Tabata. They are intense workouts that are meant to train your body to use more muscles. This will eventually help to increase the intensity you can sustain for an hour. The amount of intensity you can sustain is also known as your lactate threshold. For this exercise, you will be required to sprint as hard as you can for about 20 seconds. You will then recover for 10 seconds before you repeat another set.

6. Attack Intervals

Here, you will have to ride as hard as you can for about two to three minutes. You will know that you have done it right if you are flagging at the end. Ride at an easy pace for two minutes. This will be how you recover for these exercises. Then, repeat the ride and do as many of these sets as you can. It is an excellent way to raise your threshold pace. Also, it will help you to sustain attacks.

7.Standing Surges

Start with the seated position and at an RPM range of 75. You also need to ensure that the gear feels moderate. For about 30 seconds, get out of the saddle and imagine yourself passing the rider in front of you. Then, sit down and go back to the original RPM range. You can do several sets of this between these intense workouts to help with recovery.


Always remember to keep your hips over your pedals as you come out of the saddle. Spinning can be easy and fun. Increasing your threshold allows you never to get bored of the workout and it helps your body every time. These workouts are bound to keep your heart rate at 60-70%, which is perfect for losing fat and boosting your cardiovascular fitness. With interval training, you can also get fit quickly and burn excess fat and calories without having to engage in any other form of exercises. It challenges your body to work at a higher heart rate for a short period.

Author: Mike Jones

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