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HGH And Weight Loss: The Things You Need To Know

HGH And Weight Loss: The Things You Need To Know

You have probably heard of the new weight loss and muscle gain therapies which bases their claims with the effects of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) does to your body. The idea is that Human Growth Hormone stimulates the development of lean muscle and it reduces the storage of body fat.

Human Growth Hormone is a hormone which is produced naturally by an endocrine gland called pituitary gland, fueling development and growth is its main function. It increases the body’s ability to reconstruct tissue naturally, stimulate muscle growth, promote brain function, regulates metabolism, and boosts energy.

The Human Growth Hormone level of an individual is at its highest throughout adolescence. As we grow old, our body starts to produce lesser Human Growth Hormone. Research has proven that an individual who is obese tend to produce a lower Human Growth Hormone level than the average. Could this deficiency in Human Growth Hormone causes an individual to be obese? If so, can a Human Growth Hormone injection for losing serve as an effective treatment?

In the year 1990, a medical journal published the outcomes of a research in which a Human Growth Hormone injection were administered for adults. The outcome was quite convincing: the subjects shown a remarkable average of 8.5 percent in muscle improvement and 14 percent loss of weight. However, the outcome of the research was somewhat divisive with many criticizers citing some potential negative effect in which the Human Growth Hormone injections can offer. But, an additional research that was published in the year 1999 by a health institute based in the United States combined Human Growth Hormone with calorie limitations with the same results.

However, the truth remains in which the physiological processes stimulated by Human Growth Hormone would stimulate weight loss and muscle gain. Here is how:

HGH will cause the liver toward secreting a hormone which is the IGF-1. This hormone’s metabolic effects are distinguished. Kept fat in a form of triglyceride will break down and it will be converted into useful energy. There is a lesser translocation of sugar from the arteries into cells and a lesser amount of water, phosphate, and sodium will be retained by the body. A lot of obese people agonize more from retention of water than excessive storage of fat. Another beneficial aspect of Human Growth Hormone is it promotes the production of protein – hence its reputation for muscle building. In fact, Human Growth Hormone usage is banned from Olympic Games for the said reason.

HGH And Weight Loss: The Things You Need To Know

Weight Loss

Losing weight is mainly about burning body fats. If your Human Growth Hormone level is low, your body will be more motivated to hang onto body fat as we grow old, we possess a higher body fat percentage contrasted with slim muscle. That is because our Human Growth Hormone level decreases after our adolescence and continue to perform during our lifetime.

By increasing naturally increasing our Human Growth Hormone level, we encourage our bodies that additional storage of fat is preventable and that it must be burned in order to get energy from it. The extra energy we get can be functional for extra workouts which in return burns more body fat. The outcome is an improvement in our capability to exponentially shed those excess kilograms.

Sure, you’ll be able to lose weight by performing a crash-diet, but since almost all of the body weight that you lose do contain muscle, you will not be doing yourself a favor. As if it were not enough, crash diet makes your body ponder that it should better store some extra body fat in case you start to starve yourself again. You’ll end your diet and what will happen? You will massively gain weight!

Sermorelin for losing weight will allow you to naturally lose some weight. Your body is not ringing any bells, in fact, it is stronger unhealthier than it has been before. You will lose some weight and that weight will stay off.

Benefits Of HGH For Weight Loss

Human Growth Hormone can certainly stimulate muscle development and increase weight loss, however, there are more benefits, and it is listed below:

  • Since your body effectively burns body fat, HGH and weight loss goes hand-in-hand, and your level of energy rises. There is an additional get-go and up which can be functional for increasing your exercise, aids you in your diet or just providing you with an overall enhancement.
  • Since our body is better and capable of synthesizing new proteins, the recovery of injury will be accelerated.
  • Our heart is considered as a muscle. Optimum levels of Human Growth Hormone can toughen our muscles and our heart obtains the same benefit.
  • Human Growth Hormone optimizes the operation of our immune system which will result for us to get ill and sick. Therefore, Human Growth Hormone is often given to patients who have AIDS and those who are suffering from different disorders in the immune system.
  • The levels of Human Growth Hormone can also affect your sleep patterns which then causes those who have a higher Human Growth Hormone level finds themselves to sleep better during the night.
  • As we grow old, a bone density reduction takes place. But, Human Growth Hormone stimulates the calcium retention and bone mineralization. Simply, it can increase the density of your bone as your bone reconstruct itself. Increasing Human Growth Hormone particularly for women means that women will not suffer from osteoporosis.

Problems With Human Growth Hormone Injection

Currently, learning about HGH and weight loss, you’ll be questioning “where you’ll get Human Growth Hormone Injection?” and you need to know that HGH for sale requires a comprehensive blood study and a prescription from a physician. So far, the whole thing sounds unbelievable, so what is the catch? Utilizing a Human Growth Hormone injection for bodybuilding and weight loss purposes has many associated risks to your health. By injecting Human Growth Hormone instead of letting your pituitary gland perform its usual job, you undergo unnatural high Human Growth Hormone levels. Human Growth Hormone side effects include:

  • Since our body obtains the message which there is plenty of Human Growth Hormone, your pituitary gland will be used to generating lesser Human Growth Hormone thereby infuriating the Human Growth Hormone deficiency the moment you’ll refrain injecting it.
  • Whenever you use an injectable Human Growth Hormone there’s a high danger of Tachyphylaxis. To make it simple, it means that when an initial dose or doses are done, your body will simply become immune to the Human Growth Hormone’s effect.
  • A potential side effect of HGH injections is that it includes resistance from insulin and resulting in diabetes.
  • Joint pain and swelling have been testified by specific patients when utilizing Human Growth Hormone injections.
  • The danger of developing a syndrome called carpal tunnel is augmented by exaggeratedly high levels of Human Growth Hormone.
  • There are many concerns which involve the excessive level of Human Growth Hormone into your bloodstream which can stimulate the progress of cancerous tumors and that the polyp may quicken the development rate of specific cancers.
  • There’s some discussion regarding the community of science, and they are not 100% sure if an artificially high Human Growth Hormone level might be connected to the progression of leukemia.

The side effects of Human Growth Hormone injections can be quite dangerous at its very worst, sore at its best. Even if you’ll decide that all of these risks will be worth taking, you’ll have a hard time to obtain Human Growth Hormone for weight loss. It’s a precise substance and due to its risk factors, physicians and doctors won’t give you any Human Growth Hormone prescription.

You may think that it is a brilliant idea to purchase Human Growth Hormone injections online form different sites which offer HGH injections for sale. It is not legal. Purchasing the shot from black markets means that you will be obtaining anything but not necessarily Human Growth Hormone – and you will be at the danger of being seized by the rule. Even supposing that you will get ahold of it you’ll surely pay a fortune for just an option of online – or somewhere else. Bottom line: do not purchase injectable Human Growth Hormone. However, there’s still some great news, sermorelin provides a remarkable alternative for Human Growth Hormone injection which is more affordable and provides the same effects as an injectable Human Growth Hormone.

Side Effects Of HGH

The HGH also called Somatotropin and Somatropin is the focus of countless debates and discussions in the community of health care. Human Growth Hormone is considered as a regular secretion of our pituitary gland that stimulates and controls the development of a child, has been alleged to possess anti-aging effects to adults. The level of this growth hormone within our body starts to reduce in our adolescence years. This reduction has been connected by many professionals to the beginning of some problems which is related to our age, this includes:

  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Poor skin quality resulting in saggy skin and wrinkles
  • Loss of sex drive and libido
  • Lowered level of energy
  • Difficulties with weight control and weight loss
  • Loss of muscle mass and bone density

As an effect, individuals who are interested to prolong their youthful appearance and vigor, along with those older individuals who want to setback the effect the ages have shaped, are searching for ways on how to return their Human Growth Hormone levels into the same level they were before.


To conclude, Human Growth Hormone can help an individual to lose weight and gain muscle mass as explained in the first three paragraphs. Some beneficial factors were also cited as Human Growth Hormone can positively make you lose weight because it stimulates your stomach’s metabolic process. However, some risk factors were also stated so that it can be used for individuals who are planning to use injectable Human Growth Hormone in order to lose weight.

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