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Foods That Cause Gallbladder Problems – Gallbladder Diet

Foods That Cause Gallbladder Problems – Gallbladder diet

Your gallbladder is an organ in your body that looks like a small sack. It is located on the upper right side of your abdomen, below your liver. It connects the liver and the small intestine together and its function, among other things, is to help the body perform fat absorption.

What does it do exactly?

The gallbladder fulfills an important role in human digestion and, although it is possible to live without your gallbladder. People who are forced to have gallbladder removal surgery often have to follow a strict diet. Otherwise, they would endure complicated digestive problems such as persistent flatulencies and difficulty digesting some specific types of foods for the rest of their lives.

The gallbladder can be defined as a reservoir of enzymes that emanate from the liver and are known collectively as bile. The liver produces bile in order to contribute to digestion. Bile is transported to the duodenum (the first part of the small intestine, that connects to the stomach) so nutrient breakdown and absorption of fat starts taking place. Bile is very important to digestion, and the gallbladder holds most of it between meals so it can be used later when ingesting fats in foods.

Your gallbladder is a relatively fragile organ, and the only way to be sure that it will remain healthy is taking care of it by avoiding eating certain types of food excessively.

Some types of foods may cause an excess of food substances to collect on your gallbladder and, if this persists, you may then get stones on your gallbladder, also known as gallstones.

Recommendations for healthy gallbladder

You must remember that a healthy diet is also a balanced one, you may eat overall healthy food, but if you eat certain types of foods in excess, you may also get gallstones.

When you start your gallstone home treatment you should consider the following:

The only way to get rid of your gallstones is to have surgery performed.

Ingesting grease makes your gallstone contract, this contraction produces pain.

Avoid consuming greasy meats, such as red meat, sausages, and ham. You can start eating more white meat, such as poultry.

If you want to avoid the contraction of your gallstone, you should avoid greasy food.

A low cholesterol diet is a safe bet.

Including grains such as beans in your diet can also make your body contract your gallbladder; this will make you feel pain.

If you are overweight, you will be more prone to have gallstones.

Women and older people are also more affected by gallstones.

Most dairy products are very greasy, and its consumption can increase the number of gallstones you could have in your gallbladder. Dairy products such as low-fat cheese mozzarella and ricotta are recommended.

Beer can produce uric acid in your body, especially in your kidneys but your gallbladder is not that affected by this food, so it is safe to say that drinking beer will not affect considerably the amount of gallstones you have, just remember not to abuse.

Eating too many tomatoes can considerably increase uric acid in your body. This vegetable is most frequently found in the Mediterranean diet.

It should be noted that the gallbladder functions differently from the kidneys and knowing which type of stones you have in your gallbladder is not possible via a blood test. The only way of knowing this is to perform surgery, but at that point you may want to remove them and just stick to a diet, depending on which type of gallstones you have.

Remember, prevention is the key to avoiding gallbladder stones, and the pain and hardships that come with them. You especially wouldn’t want to undergo surgery and maybe having your gallbladder removed later on. Living without your gallbladder can seriously impair your ability to enjoy varied, tasty food and will make you dependent on certain foods in order to live comfortably and without excessive flatulencies. Flatulence also involve mayor social inconveniences such as not being able to eat the same food that everyone else so to avoid the discomfort of having mayor flatulencies and maybe having to excuse yourself from others to go frequently to the restroom, a total shame!

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