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Five Best Nootropics For Building Muscle

Five Best Nootropics For Building Muscle

Nootropics, also known as smart drugs or cognition enhancers, are known for their ability to enhance memory retention and energy. They are often heavily marketed to entrepreneurs, university students, and any hardworking individuals who need a bit of a mental edge.

However, nootropics come in many forms and have tons of benefits, some of which are known for assisting with building muscle and improving mental and physical performance at the gym.

The Role of Nootropics in Improving Muscle Mass

The role of exercise and eating healthy to gain the perfect physique has been around for eons, but that does not mean that it works for everybody. There are some individuals who need to put in ten times the amount of effort to gain the same physique that is easily attainable by someone else. Blame it on mother nature, genes, or whatever else, but some of us need a little extra assistance when it comes to building muscle. This is where nootropics can step in. So what role does nootropics play in exercise performance?

1. Stress reducer. Nootropics can greatly reduce your stress levels as they enhance your mood by helping you relax your body and mind. Being less stressed can mean feeling more motivated and focused to exercise and eat healthy. Try Phenylpiracetam as it increases your stamina and endurance while Modafinil raises awareness and wakefulness, so you can continue your intense schedule throughout the day. Stress affects you both mentally and emotionally as it tenses up your muscles leading to muscle fatigue and cramps, thus making you less likely to want to exercise or even get out of bed.

2. Sociability. Remember where we said that nootropics reduces your stress levels and enhances mood? It also makes you more sociable as you are happier, less tense, and helps you to mingle around much more easily. As it opens your world to exercise more often, your self-esteem will undoubtedly improve. For those who constantly feel anxious about working out at the gym, always challenge yourself to look and feel better. One of the best nootropics for this is Aniracetam.

3. Muscle mass and burning fats. The previous two benefits of nootropics are important to gaining muscle mass, but now we get a bit more precise. Alpha GPC is a nootropic that can be used to enhance the production of growth hormones that plays a huge role in gaining muscle mass. Not only that, it also improves cognition and focus. Acetyl-L-Carnitine helps to burn off excess fats that are stored in the body, giving the user an extra boost of energy.

Conclusion. Although the use of nootropics can be very tempting as it has many advantages, it is not a substitute to healthy lifestyle choices. It’s a supplement that complements improved exercise routines, healthier diets, and quitting bad habits such as smoking and recreational drugs. Those who are interested in using nootropics should maintain a balanced diet and ensure that they drink plenty of fluids to avoid any potential side effects. It’s important to adhere to instructions and recommendations and to always consult with your healthcare provider if in doubt.

Author: Samantha Slabyk

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