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“Developing The Classic Physique” 5 Rules You Must Follow! – Written By Anthony Catanzaro

"Developing The Classic Physique" 5 Rules You Must follow! – Written By Anthony Catanzaro

Creating that old school classic physique is something many bodybuilders young and old strive to achieve. You have to admit those guys back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s had it going on with perfect symmetry and shape and overall healthy look it’s no wonder all the girls went wild when they saw my favorites such as Steve Reeves, Frank Zane, Bob Paris, Serge Nubret and of course Arnold walk along the beach.

This is why over the last 30 years of bodybuilding I have patterned my physique just like my hero’s and doing so I was able to capture numerous fitness and bodybuilding titles as well as acclaimed fame on many TV and talk shows. So you can see why having an old school classic body can gain you fame in more ways than one!

So how do you develop an old school body? Well I’ve put together 5 basic rules in doing so. Follow these rules and you to will walk down the street with the body of a perfectly sculpted God.


Today many pro bodybuilders lack this principle, carrying way too much size for their frame and height. Remember Arnold was 240lbs, Steve Reeves was 215 lbs. Both were 6’1” today many bodybuilders at your local gym weigh that much and their barely 5’8” see where I’m getting at? A good rule of thumb is if your 6 feet tall your weight should be around 215 for every inch above add 15lbs for every inch below deduct 10 lbs.

Of course I know weight is just an illusion what matters is the way you look. This is true but keeping within this guideline will give you that look you desire.


Having that awesome V-Taper is crucial when developing a classic old school body. Thick wide lats, broad shoulders and a massive chest are the main components in this. When you train these body parts stay away from the fancy machines and cable’s and stick with old school butt kicking exercises like pullups, dumbbell Arnold presses, incline barbell presses and dips. When you train keep your eye on your V-Taper.

Another trick I like to do is wear your lifting belt the whole time your training don’t take if off between sets. This will help keep your stomach nice and tight.


This always puzzled me every guy wants a great six pack but I hardly ever see guys training their abs. Abs were always a favorite of mine I would keep it very basic doing 200 reps of broomstick twist to heat up my abs then I would go on the decline board bench and do 25 crunches for 4 sets, then turn the other way and do reverse crunches for lower abs. Then I would finish off with 4 sets of vacuums to pull my waist in even further.

I knew that having a ripped perfect abs was going to be the deciding factor in my championship and my career.

“Developing The Classic Physique” 5 Rules You Must follow! – Written By Anthony Catanzaro


Back in the day there weren’t any fancy machines, cables or high-tech technology when it came to training there were barbells, dumbbells, steel plates and some cable machines which had real weights on them. That’s all they needed so if it worked for them it will work for you. These guys trained anywhere between 3 to 6 days a week with weights they hardly did any cardio other than a brisk 5 or 10 min run to the beach they just trained with great focus’s and intensity and they did it the old school way.


Most of your legendary bodybuilders were not big eaters like many pro bodybuilders today who gain 50 to 70 pounds in the off season just to lose it all. Just the other day I was at my local gym talking to a bodybuilder who already gained 25 pounds and its only November. This is not what the old school guys did. Yes of course when it came down to two to three months before a contest these guys would be more selective with what they ate but I know for a fact they ate a diet rich in quality protein with healthy fats and very little amounts of carbs other than on a Sunday when they would splurge a little. This is what kept these guys looking good all year long and not just on stage. I’ve always said “A true bodybuilder is one who is always looking to perfect his body, he doesn’t gain tons of weight to put on 10lbs of muscle. If he wants 10lbs of muscle that’s what he puts on 10lbs of muscle through hard training diet and visualization which there is no off season”

Well there you have it my “5 rules you must follow in order to develop a classic physique”. As you can see it’s very basic and it’s built on common sense after all that’s what the true meaning of bodybuilding is all about.

Till the next time I’m The Superman of Fitness, train classic to become classic!

God Bless!

Author: Anthony Catanzaro

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  1. Joe Conte says:

    Excellent article Anthony. I totally agree with you and who other than you knows better about building a classic physique!!! God bless you bro

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