Deadlifting Teenager Attacked by Stranger in Canada

Deadlifting Teenager Attacked by Stranger in Canada
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A troubling situation occurred at a gym in Quebec Canada during the end of the week when a young man was doing deadlifts.

A teenager was deadlifting at his gym when stranger showed up and began to walk faster towards him. In the middle of the set the stranger interfered and forced down the bar and began pushing the young man aggressively plus telling him to get out of the gym.


Background story:


“The backstory is that the staff at a Buzz Fit gym in Montreal, Quebec have given my client a hard time in past weeks about deadlifting too loudly in the gym. They said he still could, but he had to place mats underneath the plates. So he did as they asked. A random bystander, not a staff member, (wearing an Animal shirt of all things: my sponsor) took it upon himself to confront him after he deemed his deadlifts to be too loud and watch what ensues.”

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