Best Tips For Keeping Your Fitness Plan On Track

Best Tips For Keeping Your Fitness Plan On Track
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As you may have discovered through experience, it can be all too easy to talk yourself out of the exercise and healthy eating habits you know that you need. “I’m too tired”, “today’s been too stressful”, “I’ll make it up tomorrow”, are the kinds of thoughts that can hold us back from achieving our potential. If you’re finding it near impossible to stick to a good fitness plan, here are a few tips and tricks to help you stay on track.

Best Tips For Keeping Your Fitness Plan On Track

Do It for Yourself

Studies have shown that when you’re externally motivated towards getting fitter and healthier, you’re more likely to quit or fall short of your targets. If you’re wondering, external motivation means trying to slim down to look good in time for a big event, or to be more attractive to the opposite sex, rather than doing it simply because you want to be a healthier individual. You might not be passionate about exercise in itself, but try to take some selfish pride in accomplishing the targets you set. This great feeling of helping yourself will be a much more powerful motivator than any other attitude.

Take Little Steps

Far too many people simply wake up one day and resolve to get fit, trying to throw themselves straight into gruelling, Rocky-esque workout regimens. If you try to do too much for your body too soon, you’ll usually just end up sore, worn-out, possibly injured, and certainly discouraged! As you get started with your fitness plan, try to take things slow. Focus on one thing, like reducing chest fat, rather than trying to sculpt your whole body. Try to run a quarter of a mile in your first week, rather than setting yourself a ten-mile marker and then losing all your self-esteem when you fail to hit it. When these little targets start to get easy, you can gradually ramp it up and challenge yourself more.

Change It Up

Seen as you’re reading this, you probably see exercise and healthy eating as a means to an end, rather than something you simply do for the love of it. Due to this, if you’re sticking to a narrow scope of exercises, you’re going to get bored pretty easily, and sap all the motivation you need for a truly effective regimen. Make things interesting for yourself by changing up your routine here and there, and trying out different exercises. If you’re working towards something too specific for this, find some other way to make things interesting. Start taking new routes on your runs, or make a point to discover new music to listen to.

Hang in There

No one, or at least, a tiny minority of people, has perfect form on all their exercises from day one. Similarly, no one’s going to get the results they’re going for in a matter of weeks or months. Perfecting every kind of workout takes practice, and any kind of muscle gains or fat loss takes dedication and time. Don’t be discouraged when things seem to be taking a long time – we’ve all been there!

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