5 Ways To Make Exercise More Wonderful

5 Ways To Make Exercise More Wonderful
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5 Ways To Make Exercise More Wonderful

Do you enjoy exercising? If you are like most people, you don’t. Exercise can be a lot of work and can even be painful, especially for people who are out of shape. Of course, that’s no excuse not to exercise.

Exercise is essential for your health. It works your heart and lungs, increases your endurance, and makes you more flexible. Working out improves your overall health while reducing your risk of health problems. It can help you lose weight and feel better in general.

With so many benefits, that fact is that being healthy and fitness just go together. Both are wonderful.

Fortunately for you, you can make exercise even better. It might even become enjoyable. Just use these 5 helpful tricks to make exercise more wonderful:

Enjoying Exercise Tip #1: Listen Up

What you listen to has a significant impact on your mindset, including when you exercise. For some people exercising while listening to music is a powerful motivator. In fact, many people exercise to music in order to keep track of time, keep themselves happy, and improve the experience. Energetic and positive tunes and notes tend to have the best effect.

Not everyone loves listening to music while exercising, though. For some people, it’s not even an option due to the type of exercise they perform, their music preferences, and other factors. In those cases, choose something else to listen to.

Students, for example, sometimes enjoy listening to lectures while they exercise because multi-tasking helps them enjoy more free time later. Adults might enjoy listening to their favorite talk-show host or a well-loved movie or TV show. Other people find that listening to nature is the most exciting so they exercise outside.

Enjoying Exercise Tip #2: Make It Social

One of the keys to getting healthy and fitness oriented is to make these experiences social. People who enjoy being around others almost enjoy exercise more if they can do it with other people. That may sound obvious, but many people don’t think about it.

There are several ways to get social while exercising. For instance, try:

  • Finding a fitness buddy to workout with you
  • Joining an exercise class
  • Choosing a workout that is inherently social, like dancing or team sports
  • Having an accountability partner
  • Making a tradition out of hanging out after going to the gym
  • Competing with friends in fitness challenges

These and many other strategies can help make your exercise routine more fun for you (and for a friend.) Plus, exercising while socializing has benefits like raising your endorphin levels higher and pushing you to achieve goals more steadily.

Enjoying Exercise Tip #3: Do What You Like

Of all unhealthy habits to break, it may seem like eating too much or overspending are big ones. However, one of the most important unhealthy habits to break is forcing yourself to do stuff you hate. The reason of making yourself do things you hate just doesn’t work long-term. Even if you stick to it, you decrease your level of happiness.

So one of the best ways you can make exercise more enjoyable is just to choose exercises that you enjoy more. If you hate running, choose a different form of exercise. It really is that simple. Find out what kind of exercise you enjoy the most and incorporate it into your regular routine. If you still need to perform some exercises you don’t like, intersperse them with the ones you love to increase your enjoyment and motivation.

Enjoying Exercise Tip #4: Create a Reward System

Being a cheerleader for you goes a long way to making exercise more fun. A helpful way to cheer yourself on is to create encouragement to help you along the way and keep you focused while you work out.

To reward yourself, try:

  • Posting signs in your workout area that are positive
  • Creating reminders of what you are working for, like an outfit two sizes smaller
  • Enjoying a post-workout treat that is healthy
  • Doing something you love only when you work out, like watching your favorite TV show if you exercise

Many people find it helpful to set goals for themselves as well. When you reach those goals, have pre-planned rewards. For instance, when you lose your first two pounds, go out with a loved one to celebrate.

Enjoying Exercise Tip #5: Get Into The Habit

To make exercise a long-term process that you always enjoy, make it part of your daily ritual. When exercise is a habit, it becomes something you look forward to and feel like you must do or else your day won’t be complete. That takes away a lot of the feelings of dread regarding working out.

Making exercise a habit means working it into your existing routine. Pick a usual date or time that you plan to always work out. Join a team that meets regularly. Make it hard to skip out of exercise for 60 days so that, when those days are up, the habit is already formed.

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Author: Katleen Brown

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