4 Ways Your Phone Can Help You On Your Path To Greatness

4 Ways Your Phone Can Help You On Your Path To Greatness
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4 Ways Your Phone Can Help You On Your Path To Greatness

With the fast paced development of technology only ever speeding up and never slowing down, modern man is becoming more and more hooked on different kinds of apps, wearables and the like. While in most cases this means that people are forgetting how to move and spending a staggering amount of time staring at a screen, not all is lost in the digital wilderness.

App stores are not only full of mind numbing games, there is a plethora of fitness apps to choose from. Yet, such an abundance of choice can sometimes simply spoil you, and knowing which app to choose can be difficult. To ease that pain, here’s a rundown of the four categories of apps you’d need to sync up to achieve maximum results.

A calorie counter

Not all fitness enthusiasts count their calories, however, knowing what you are putting into your body might help you get a clearer picture of where your energy is coming from. If you are on a specific regimen, having an app do all the memorizing and counting will ease your meal prep. Most of these apps will in time learn to distinguish a pattern, and will automatically help you log in your daily intake.

MyFitnessPal is probably the most popular and famous app of its kind, and its users have been perfecting it for a long time. It has the largest database of foods you can think of, and it is straightforward to use.

A meal planner

Meal planners take your counting efforts further – they will help give you ideas for lunch when you are stuck, and help you stay on the right track throughout. Most of them can be synced with both a calorie counter, and a grocery list, thus further helping you stay organized. They can also remind you it is time to eat, and provide step by step instructions if you need them.

Yummly is a great choice if you are looking for a planner – it has countless recipes, and it will never let you down when you are stuck. Use it on the go or in the kitchen, and rate your favourite choices after trying them out.


Whether you run or walk, you will want to know how far you have come. You no longer need to wear a band around your wrist, as your phone can count your steps for you, provided it is smart enough to do so. Apart from that, it will also let you know how many calories your efforts have helped you burn, and help you plan out future runs or cycles.

Runtastic is probably the most popular app of its kind on the market, and has been downloaded over five million times. It provides different kinds of analysis, calculates the frequency of your step, and can do so without the need to hold your phone in your hand.

Medical apps

There are two kinds of medical apps worth having: one that will keep track of all your ailments and serve as a chart for your doctor if you are ever in need of a visit to the emergency room, and the other which will answer your medical questions. There is no reason why you shouldn’t use the lightning speed of progress to your full advantage. Apps like Lybrate can get you in touch with a medical professional at the touch of a button, saving you a physical trip to the doctor’s office, and helping you overcome minor injuries and discomforts.

Whichever app you choose to download, you can’t go much wrong. However, there is no need to crowd your phone with dozens of them if you are not in the mood for using them. Maybe all you need is a bit of inspiration, or an app to set the tone to your workouts. No worries, you can find all that in an app store near you.

Author: Norah Martin

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