14 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Teeth

14 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Teeth
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14 Facts You Didn't Know About Your Teeth

We all have heard thousands of times that maintaining our oral health is an imperative as it has a massive impact on our overall health. But for achieving strong teeth and healthy gums or going for any dental treatment or implants like opting for Dentist Myrtle Avenue Queens, one has to first have a clear idea about the mouth.

Undoubtedly, mouth is an outstanding part of the body. It not only houses a muscle that is never exhausted (the tongue) but it hosts the hardest part of the body. If you know the intricate details and a full understanding of the mouth, then you will be able to take good care of your oral and overall health.

Here are some interesting facts about your teeth and mouth that will help you to take care of it in the best possible way. Just read on to know.

  • Your Teeth Are Your Unique Possessions – Just like your fingerprints, your teeth are uniquely yours. That is why dental records are used for identification of human remains. The teeth of no two human beings are similar. Even identical twins do not have similar teeth. Though your tongue is also unique but fingerprints are much more used for identification than tongue.
  • Folk Wisdom is Correct about Your Teeth – A study at New York and Yale University has confirmed the erstwhile folk wisdom that the more children a woman has the greater she has the chances of missing teeth.
  • Sour Can be as Detrimental as Sweet – Though the general preconceived notion is that sugar and sweets are the breeding grounds of cavities but it is not limited to just that. Acidic drinks, sour candy, juice and citrus food can all erode the teeth enamel making them more susceptible to decay.
  • Tooth Enamel Is the Sturdiest Part of the Body but It Still Breaks – The hardest part of the body is tooth enamel and it protects the sensitive nerves that reside just beneath it. Just like the composition of bones, enamel is composed of phosphate and calcium. But unlike bones, there are certain proteins that make the enamel stronger which is a great thing as the teeth cannot regrow.
  • Dental Plaque Can Cause Heart Attacks – Blood clot can be created by dental plaque when it travels through blood stream and reaches your heart. In fact, it has been revealed through research that healthy gums are related to a healthy heart. In case, you were not already getting enough push for cleaning your teeth then this knowledge will certainly enlighten you.
  • Your Teeth are Like Icebergs – Did you know that about one-third of each tooth remains under gums? That is why you should take good care of your gums to make sure that your teeth are well taken care of. Make sure your gums are always firm and pink.
  • Teeth Can Form Tumors – The stems cells giving rise to teeth can turn up in haphazard directions. Teratomas are the tumors formed by teeth that may also include bones, hair and other tissues that are specialized.
  • Acids Are a Byproduct (Accidental) – The acids are accidental by-products that are formed when bacteria is digested by the sugar in the food that you have consumed. Cavities were very rare prior to the invention of cavity.
  • You Make 10, 000 Gallons of Spit – About a quart of a saliva is produced by your body every day that rounds up to about 10,000 gallons over a lifetime. In maintaining your overall health, saliva plays many important roles. For example it contains enzymes to kick-start your digestion and it makes food easier to swallow. Saliva washes away lingering food particles. Not only that it contains phosphate and calcium that can neutralize acid in the plaque that can cause decay and damage.
  • Your Teeth Cannot Always Stand Up to Your Mouth’s Bacteria – Your teeth cannot always restrain and fight against your mouth’s native bacteria population. They produce acids that percolate out phosphate and calcium from the enamel. This process leads to cavities.
  • Your Mouth Can be Home to 300 Types of Bacteria Because of Plaque – This is true. That amount of bacteria can enhance tooth decay and gum disease. Some of the most common species of bacteria are capable of turning sugar and carbohydrates into acid and thus set the stage for bacteria. The daily cleaning of teeth helps to keep the bacteria in check.
  • Fluoride Counters Decay in Unique Way – Tooth decay is countered by fluoride by preventing the mineral loss from enamel and promoting reabsorption of phosphorus and calcium from the saliva into the enamel.
  • Decay is implied by Yellow Teeth – The white appearance of your teeth is partly because of the teeth enamel and it is not just a coffee stain. That is why when it decays, your teeth start appearing yellow. In fact, it is the decaying enamel that is responsible for any pain that you feel.
  • Teeth Begin Developing While You Are Still in the Womb – At about six weeks, teeth start to develop in the uterus. They retain many substance to which the fetus was exposed to even long after birth. This way they offer a great record of environmental exposures and nutrition of the child and the mother.

The above are some of the vital facts that the experts of Dentist Greenpoint suggest that everyone should know so that they can understand the importance and take better care of their oral health.

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