10 Surprising Facts: When You Increase Your Brain Usage

10 Surprising Facts: When You Increase Your Brain Usage
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10 Surprising Facts: When You Increase Your Brain Usage

The human brain is one of the most beautiful yet complicated things in the world. As without this, we will be nothing. And so with the multiple importance of the human brain, people are continuing non-stop to explore and develop our mental health and cognitive thinking.

Moreover, using our brain and increasing its cognitive limit holds a lot of myths that are passed on from decades of generations. Some may be true, but some just might be as feckless as you could think it is. In fact, there are a lot of researchers that aims to prove this myth to sort what’s true from not.

So in this case, how do we increase our brain usage? The following facts might surprise you.

1. Take time to learn new things

Researchers have differentiated our brain in before, and after the learning process, they had concluded that when a person stored new information in their brain, the blood flow and oxygen supply to their brain also increases.

In fact, in this research, it is highly visible in our brain that after some learning is done, long-lasting structural development are formed, and the brain activities are quicker to process than those who don’t have learning practice at all.

2. The Brain as an energy hog

Have you ever wonder if our brain could light up a bulb when we think just like in some animated cartoons? Well actually, our brain absolutely could! As we increase the cognitive usage of our brain, more neurons are powered and exercised. It also lessens the number of neurons that are damaged per day. And if all our neurons are healthy, then it is concluded that it could create electricity of up to 25 watts; enough to light up a small bulb.

3. Quickly access information

It is great to know a lot of things and to know the answers every time as you increase your cognitive thinking. However, studies show that when your brain process information and it is too easy to remember it again, then our brain will be most likely to forget it. This phenomenon is called “The Google Effect”. Our brain knows that whenever we need to answer a simple question, many devices, websites, and programs are there to help you access the answers.

With this as a downfall, scientists have created smart drugs or nootropics to adverse the “Google Effect”. You could easily see in some Nootropic Blogs a list of top most nootropics or smart drugs to use to keep your brain functions working without any gap.

These nootropics work in the body by stimulating the brain for better learning, focus, and memory. As a result, our brain usage is maximized.

4. Can store a huge amount of information

Human brains contain about 100 billion of neurons that are all responsible for storing information in your memory. Neurons link to each other to transfer information to as many as 10,000 more other neurons. Thus, a vast amount of information is stored.

5. It doesn’t feel any pain

Did you know that brains don’t have any pain receptors? All the pain receptors in the head can be mostly found at the meninges, periosteum, and scalp which is the primary reason for our headaches. So whenever someone told you that they’re having a headache due to brainstorming, then it probably isn’t.

6. The brain never sleeps

Our body might get tired from a whole day’s work, but luckily, our brain doesn’t. And even if we process millions of information a day, our mind is still active most or all of the time even while we are snoozing off peacefully. So, this is how dreams are made of, huh?

7. The reality of Lucid Dreaming

Some may not have to experience lucid dreaming. But as science could explain it, Lucid Dreaming is real. Our brain is so powerful that when we maximize our brain’s usage, we could control our dreams. This ability increases the gamma brainwave activity of our brain which is similar when we solve puzzles and other brain challenges.

8. Increased creativity

Being more focused on the daily life activities that often challenges and enhances our brain functions could give hundreds of benefits. One of these is the growing creativity of our brain. As the flow of information in our brain is being exercised and developed, new ideas are also created, thus, creativity in ways to perform a task or express an idea and feeling is achieved.

9. We differ from brain sizes

Although brain sizes don’t mostly correlate on the functions and intellect of the brain; people are still more anxious in their brain sizes as we do compare human brains from brains of other species. Yet, it is known that the more knowledge is stored in your brain, the more your brain expands as neurons begin to extract more information to be passed on to other neurons.

However, there are still some with smaller brains that possess great intelligence. So to sum it all, increasing your brain usage aren’t seen on how big your brain is.

10. Future prediction

Subconsciously, the human brain can predict tiny predictions every day. This experience is what we call “Deja vu”. At times, this experience is wrongly diagnosed. It happens when we fill our brain with an enormous amount of information as we increase its usage. So when a person suddenly saw something that triggers what he or she read, experienced or learned in the past, a prediction of the future is anticipated. Thus, “Déjà vu” is felt and experienced.

Author: Brenan Quirante

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