How Much Do You Need Nutrition Supplements For Sports

How Much Do You Need Nutrition Supplements For Sports
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How Much Do You Need Nutrition Supplements For Sports

When it comes to sport, athletes need to have a diet which not only supports their nutritional needs but also helps them to attain optimum levels of performance. This is the reason why it is believed that diet alone cannot help you achieve your goals. Supplements that are designed with your physical needs in mind will make a difference to your performance and overall health. Let us take a look at some of the many supplements that you need to be looking for to maintain weight without compromising on your muscle build up and energy levels.

1. L-Glutamine

While you always have the option of using proteins separately as a supplement to boost your body’s intake of amino acids, you also have the choice to use a singular type of amino acid too.

The amino acids which are of free-form can always be combined with other types of amino acids to support muscle growth and strength. The amino acid Glutamine makes up over 60% of the free amino acids found in our muscles. During and after an extensive workout, when the muscles are in catabolic state and are breaking down, our body requires this glutamine to recover. This amino acid also helps to improve the nitrogen levels in our body. Further studies have revealed that glutamine is used by the body to enhance the immune system and glycogen levels, making it a good source of energy too. As an athlete, you want supplements that will also improve your strength and this is where glutamine can be of great help.

Dosage: Our body has a difficulty absorbing glutamine through the intestines which end up using it as their source of energy and hence you would be required to take 2 to 5g of this amino acid on a daily basis to benefit from it.

2. L-Arginine

This is not an essential amino acid for our body as we can produce it naturally too. Our body uses it to form Nitrogen Oxide which is then used to regulate blood flow and improve neurotransmission. Arginine can become limited in our body for a variety of reasons and this is why it is often referred to as being conditionally dispensable. Depending on your body’s requirements, you might need to take this as a supplement. Arginine helps to relax the blood vessels which improves their capacity to dilate and hence becomes effective in lowering blood pressure too. Just 6g of arginine before you partake in exercise can help to decrease the body’s demand for oxygen and increase stamina by over 25% whilst cycling. When used in combination with other amino acid groups, arginine increased lean mass in athletes undergoing resistance training.

It needs to be taken in fairly high doses of around 3g which can go up to 9g as well, if used with the Growth Hormone.

3. Deer Antler Velvet

This supplement is made from the antlers of the deer, elk, moose and caribou while they are still growing and in velvety form. This means that you get your supplement from the antlers without the animals being harmed in any way. The Antler Velvet is then harvested in order to extract all sorts of nutritional minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium and a wide range of amino acids. Deer antler velvet has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese for its medicinal properties and has proven popular among both men and women. From improving libido to the memory and alertness, it is beneficial to more than just people who play sport. As far as athletes are concerned it has proven to improve running times as it helps to increase speed. It has also made it possible for the athletes to recover faster from rigorous exercises and improve overall muscle mass and strength too. The supplement was used as a part of an experiment on Russian athletes in which it helped them perform extremely well at the Olympics. Deer antler velvet has been known to contain collagen, glucosamine, and chondroitin. Together they help relieve joint pains and reduce the risks of arthritis altogether.

4. Creatine

It is one of the most well known and effective supplements when it comes to improving performance, strength and the body’s capacity for working out. Creatine is beneficial as it helps to improve the rate of ATP release in our body which is our main source of energy. So, if you are into a form of athletics which demands quick bursts of energy then creatine is a supplement you need to consider. From lifting more weight to running with faster speeds and throwing with more power or simply jumping at higher speeds, this performance enhancing supplement can help you in all of these departments. In addition to this, there are reports that suggest using creatine improves overall muscle mass and strength during strength training workouts.

In the initial stage, it is suggested you take a higher dosage of creatine which would be around 25 to 30g on a daily basis. After five days, you can lower the daily dose to around 3 to 5g to maintain your body’s performance levels.

These are just some of the many supplements which can be used to improve your strength and overall performance. There are so many other supplements that you can use in addition to these to further enhance their impact on your body. Hard work coupled with good nutrition is what would keep you going on and off the field, with enhanced performance and increased strength.

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